Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Land of the Living??

Geeesh! Has it really been almost a month since I posted on here?? Gosh and Golly!! Is is just me or is everyone have such a bad time with their allergies this year?? I think everyone I know has been battling the green snot monster. I know we all have. Ethan had to start back on his inhaler four times a day instead of two..... and me?? Well...I've had it all....

Three weeks ago I had what I thought was a stomach virus. Not big deal. Although it was nasty I could do it. Just hang in there for 24 hours and it would all be a distant memory, right?? No? Well, how about 48 hours?? Most viruses don't last over 48 hours do they?? Lets just say that on day three of living on the bathroom floor, (my newly painted bathroom!!) Brad insisted that I go to the doctor. I was so weak....and since I couldn't even keep down a sip of water to take my medicine, my blood pressure was sky high!! After being examined by the doctor she said that she suspected that I had a bad Strep infection. How could I have strep?? My throat wasn't really that sore...but she was right. Strep had invaded my tonsils (what are those things there for anyway?) and I didn't know it. It had apparently been there awhile and had spread to my upper stomach, which was causeing my stomach to reject any and all forms of food or liquid! I began antibiotics and felt better in a day or two, at least I had stopped throwing up every thing I ate. After a week, I was still fevered. Still stuffy in my head, my ears ached, and my once not sore throat was so so sore! Back to the doctor again, and guess what?? A sinus infection. Yippy! I really wanted a sinus infection!! Apparently the antibiotic that treats Strep doesn't work so well on the sinus junk. So I had to wait till I had finished the one antibiotic to start the other, and by the time I started it my head was so stuffy that my ears popped when I swallowed!

So here I am, three days left on the sinus infection antibiotic and still not 100%, but hopefully getting better. I missed almost two weeks of work, YIKES!! Anyone wanna buy my groceries this month!??!! :) But at least I am back in the land of the living...maybe...

On a happier note:::
Ethan and Kayla are almost finished with school!! Their last day is Friday. They have their awards on Friday morning, along with Ethan's Elementary School Graduation. Just cause I have a son that is getting ready to go the Middle school, does NOT, I repeat NOT make me old.... That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!


Trudy said...

This has nothing to do with your post but I had to comment on your post at Pioneer Woman about your favorite song! Oh my, do I have a lump in my throat. That's the most beautiful story. What a precious memory!!

Jody said...

I am here from Pioneer Woman....your comment had me in tears.

I am so sorry about your Dad.

But I have to say, you have THE MOST beautiful memory of him, and it just touched me deeply.

Thank you for sharing that.